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We are proud to have developed long-term relationships with some of the best managed services providers throughout North America - many of which can see a clear return on their marketing investment. Results for our clients vary, and these testimonials are from Tech Pro Marketing customers who are having success with our program and are excited to recommend us.

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"Wow! I'd been hearing lots of great things about Tech Pro Marketing from my peers. Now that I'm a client I can say its true. Nate has not only built a powerful system and rock star team, but, is always innovating on my behalf. Unlike other firms that want to focus on ranks and hits, Nate understands digital Marketing is about attracting new clients. Not to mention their 30 days to cancel and money back guarantee made it super easy to give them a try."

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KEVIN MORSE - Questinghound

“Nate and the team at Tech Pro Marketing are true professionals that get results. They have a great understanding of the MSP space and were able to tailor our marketing plan to get us on the path to achieving our goals. This is NOT your normal "cookie-cutter" one size fits all marketing organization.”

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“We have only been working with TechPro Marketing for 6 months and their services have already paid for themselves. They are a great group to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow your marketing and outreach services."

MIKE QU - Feline PC

“Tech Pro Marketing's system makes complete sense and it works. Two tips for future wanna-be clients: 1. Follow the guidance but do your homework as well: tweak things like graphics, messages, wordings, etc to set your business apart  2. Anyone who went to business school/MBA will tell you that for any kind of marketing program, you need to plan to stick to it for 6 months, or don't bother. You may get nothing at all in month 1 or 2, and it doesn't mean a thing. I got a big deal near the end of month 3, your results could vary. But analyze your ROI at the end of 6 months, not the first, during which you should be concentrating on #1.”

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TIM MARTIN - Neoscope Technology Solutions

“Starting in 2006, we tried a lot of different things with marketing: we hired a few people in-house, we hired a few folks who focused on the MSP industry. We tried to do it all - do everything. We may have gotten some brand awareness over the years, but we weren’t really getting a lot of qualified leads. Before working with Tech Pro, it was a lot of running into brick walls and trying a lot of different things that, while they had success in terms of getting our name out there, there was never anything tangible results-wise that we could attribute to those dollars that we spent. Working with Tech Pro Marketing, we’re averaging anywhere from 3 to 5 marketing qualified leads and 1 to 2 sales qualified leads per week. We’ve landed 3 or 4 accounts in the first 7 or 8 months.”

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“Nate Freedman and his team have been absolutely nothing short of awesome to work with. We have been in business for 16 years now and in that time we have worked with a ton of different marketing companies. What's the difference between those other companies and Nate's team? ... results.”

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“We have been using Tech Pro Marketing for almost 6 months now and have been extremely satisfied with the results and the value proposition.”

DAVE GOODENOUGH - InsideOut Networking

“We have tried many different schemes to get new clients over the years. Some worked for a while and then failed, and others just never worked to start with. Finally, I had enough and did a web search for "MSP Marketing Company." Tech Pro Marketing's website came up and looked too good to be true. I went through the initial call, had them revamp our website, and had them help set up and manage some new LinkedIn and other marketing efforts and never looked back! We had two new clients in the first month. Six new clients came over the next few months, which was more than we had anticipated in our marketing plan. We are very happy with Tech Pro Marketing!!”

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“My only reluctance to recommend Nate or TechPro Marketing is that my competitors will see how highly I regard his services and want to work with him. Just over a year ago, we had lost our marketing coordinator and underwent a nightmarish vendor selection process to replace the gaps associated with his departure. After vetting countless vendors and terminating our first choice after a couple of months, we came across Nate and the rest is history. Nate and his team are exceptional and have really helped make this past year not just a marketing success, but an absolute pleasure to work with. I could continue writing about how great my experience has been but I don't want to run the risk of not sounding credible either. If you're an MSP and you want a truly collaborative, partner-modeled engagement, make sure you speak to Nate.”

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“We have been working with Tech Pro Marketing for the last few months and so far have been very impressed with the work they have done. Nate and his team are professional, efficient, and easy to work with. Thanks!”

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We engaged Tech Pro Marketing to rebuild our online presence and help us generate leads from our website. Nate and his team are incredibly professional and results-driven. We ended up building a new website that reflects our brand and also generated leads from potential customers. Overall, the scope of the marketing plan was great, the execution was spot on, and communication was very good. I don't have to micromanage anything while having better prospect visibility than ever before. We are just getting started with our new Tech Pro initiatives and are already seeing the results of their proven process."

CHANTALE BENOIT - Frontier Solutions

"Nate and his team have been very responsive and intuitive with creating content for our business. We have been with a few marketing companies and having a company that truly understands the IT trends has been such as asset. The entire team responds quickly, they are creative and relevant material to help grow our business. It's has been a pleasure working with Nate and his team for the past year and a half."

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MICHAEL O'DONNEL - Envision IT Partners

"The team at Tech Pro Marketing have been outstanding. Great communication and execution of the plan."

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"I was a little skeptical at first, as I normally am with all marketing agencies. What really won me over was the money-back guarantee in the first 30 days if I wasn't happy with the service. This really shows they want to earn my business.

I am definitely seeing activity within my LinkedIn page, blog posts, and email campaigns. In the first 30, I've had one actual call with a client which may turn into a deep dive if they feel switching IT providers now is a good time. There are other leads that haven't matured yet but we will continue to work those.

I couldn't be any happier! We haven't had any activity over the past 3 years and the other agencies' methods just didn't work. Way to go Tech Pro Marketing."

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CHRIS BUTLER - The Computer Butler

“Tech Pro Marketing helped us set up a new website with better SEO, and implement automated marketing tools that have resulted in a significant increase in potential client leads. We're quite satisfied with Nate and his team's work.”

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