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Here are what a few of our clients have had to say:

$20K MRR Victory First 60 Days in

After transitioning from outbound to inbound marketing, in the first 60 days, NetStandard closed $20,000 in MRR.

Referral Reliance to 
SEO Triumph

Hermetic Networks shifted from referral reliance to a strategy that focused on targeted growth and client acquisition.

Marketing Game Changer

Mike Fisher praises the structured campaigns, IT-focused content, and measurable improvements in lead generation.

Improvement in Lead Generation

Insight Tech Advisors saw remarkable improvements in lead generation, gaining new clients and better visibility.

Increase in Warm, Qualified Leads

Since partnering with TPM, they’ve seen an increase in business growth, benefiting from warm, qualified leads.

Strategic MSP Rebranding

With Tech Pro’s guidance, they rebranded, launched a new website, and within a year, achieved $17,000 in MRR.

9% Growth in About 
8 Months

We took Oasis’ marketing off of their plate, allowing them to do what they do best.

$15,000 in MRR in 
6 Months

We worked together to build a consistent flow of new business, with more warm leads in 
the pipeline.

The Most Leads 
They've Gotten

The work CyberStreams have done with us has produced the most leads and allowed them to present the most proposals.

Able to Turn the Faucet On or Off

InsideOut Networking’s lead generation system has become systematized and predictable.

From No Marketing to a Full Pipeline

We’ve partnered with QuestingHound for over three years, helping them build a complete marketing system.

An Ongoing, Much Stronger Effort

After 20 years of slow and steady growth trajectory, Viatek now have the ability to go out of their comfort zone and win customers.

Partnership Beyond Expectations

Michael Anderson’s experience working with us evolved into a fulfilling partnership, exceeding his expectations.

More from Our Clients

What we’ve been able to do with Tech Pro Marketing is kind of give it a little bit of the engine if you will to help, not necessarily sell the deal for us, but at least to get us in the door and start those conversations. So, that’s where we found a lot of success, not just relying on our sales team, but kind of pairing it up because the more ways that we can touch prospects and clients out there, the more appointments that we get and the more we sell.

Brent Blevins


It wasn’t just a ‘they were trending in the right direction’. We’re actually seeing deals get signed on paper and it was exciting. I highly recommend Tech Pro for your inbound efforts, you guys are awesome.

Greg Lane


From my perspective, it’s really been a dream relationship and, as an owner, at our size, I’m still it for sales and marketing and, I just have to lean on you heavily. I don’t have those internal resources and Tech Pro’s really come to the plate in all areas so we couldn’t be happier.

Michael Anderson

365 Technologies

‘ve been looking at some of our numbers and kind of it’s kind of got an interesting pattern as we started making little progress. We had a couple of small deals come through, you know one, small one, and then another one a little larger and then a couple more. And you can see how that’s all started to flow. Right now we’ve grown 9% in about the last eight months.

Terrell Fry

Oasis Technology

I hired a marketing consultant and she introduced me to Nate and the team at Tech Pro Marketing. It was just kind of working more towards the vision of what I want to be and where I want to see my company going. What’s really for me, is the peace of mind that I know, when I say, here’s my vision, this is what I want to do, this is my branding. Nate and his team really breathe that vision in and really help me execute on that.

Kevin Wyatt

Catapult Tech Solutions

Nate and his teams are night and day from our old marketing firm. They provided results within the first couple of months. They handle everything without thought. Highly recommended.

Kie Liang

Desert I.T. Solutions

Nate Freedman img1

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