Are You an MSP Marketing Hero?

Were You Born to Deliver Overwhelming and Undisputed Lead Generation Results?

Are you looking for your next career move?

Do you love...

...working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses?

...implementing digital marketing and lead generation strategies that drive new customers?

...managing campaigns from idea to launch?

...strategizing one-on-one with motivated MSP owners?

...enabling team members to be their best at executing marketing and lead generation tactics?

...working with a team of A-players?

...leading through strategic thinking and committed execution?

Then read on.

Chances are... if you join our team... then you'll be helping more entrepreneurs like the MSPs below grow and scale their businesses, so they can get out of the "feast and famine" cycle.

From No Marketing to a Full Pipeline

We've partnered with QuestingHound for over three years, helping them build a complete marketing system. Now, they're facing a new problem: finding the staff to handle the demand for their services.

Able to Turn the Faucet On or Off

InsideOut Networking's lead generation system has become so systematized and predictable that we can increase or decrease the volume, depending on the current situation with their MSP.

The Most Leads They've Gotten

CyberStreams is an active MSP with many lead generation strategies - the work they've done with us has produced the most leads and allowed them to present the most proposals.

We think helping entrepreneurs build a business is pretty cool.

If you also think that is cool, you might be in the right place.

In our four+ years in the MSP space, we've been able to hit the ground running, and make a few friends along the way.

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So here's the deal:

My company, Tech Pro Marketing, is currently hiring the most important, critical, essential, pivotal, awesome, exciting, and influential role we've ever hired.

(And my team agrees with that statement.)


Stop reading now if you are NOT:

AMAZING at what you do.

FULL of strong opinions about marketing, lead generation, and MSP customer acquisition.

EXCITED about blazing a new trail in the MSP MARKETING and CUSTOMER ACQUISITION space.

PASSIONATE about crafting and implementing MSP lead generation campaigns, working closely with MSP leadership, and constantly improving.

a MARKETING-NATIVE who can nail every detail in a cold email campaign, craft a high-converting landing page at will, and write broadcast-level email copy.

The right person will earn a SIX-FIGURE salary + BENEFITS.

You'll be collaborating with 15+ other team members.


2022-01-02 21_27_05-TPM Organizational Chart_ Lucidchart and 12 more pages - Tech Pro Marketing - Mi


Over the last 4 years, we've helped over 100 MSPs win more customers. Our business has grown by double-digit growth each and every year.

And with that growth has come more responsibility.

As founder and CEO, I used to spend 75 to 80% of my time working directly on client campaigns, making sure they got results.

As our team and business have grown, this has decreased to closer to 25%.

It's time to bring in an A-Player, with 100% capacity, that can take over this seat, work closely with me, our team, and our customers to take our results, business, and industry to the next level.

You will spend your days:

* Working on client campaigns, solving issues, and improving results
* Validating new lead generation strategies ideas
* Meeting with customers to solve issues one-on-one
* Leading our fulfillment team and enabling them to solve more problems independently
* Hiring, training, and mentoring new team members as our program continues to expand

You will have access to:

* An A-Player fulfillment team
* Your own VA to delegate repetitive tasks to
* A dedicated customer success manager who will be responsible for running the programs you create; she'll "keep the trains running on time" so you can create and improve
* Back office and support staff to handle day-to-day inquiries and business admin
* The ear of the CEO in a weekly leadership meeting

We've got over 35 clients currently enrolled in our flagship "MSP Lead Generation Engine" program.

The "MSP Lead Generation Engine" is...

* A done-for-you lead generation program,
* that focuses on helping MSPs grow their business beyond $5M,
* implementing three core elements of lead generation,
* supplemented with coaching and training on sales and offer,
* with monthly review calls and quarterly strategy calls,
* and clear reporting on actual return on investment.

You'll be in charge of running the MSP Lead Generation Engine, helping entrepreneurs grow and create amazing businesses.

So I need your help...

We want our business to grow to $5m in annual revenue by 2025.

If you've read this far and believe I'm speaking directly to you...

Then read these two pages pulled from my internal "job scorecard" for the MSP Marketing Lead seat:


Some additional questions answered:

Can I work remotely for this job, or do I need to be based in Massachusetts where you are headquartered?
Tech Pro Marketing is set up as a remote/virtual-friendly business. However, this position is not 100% remote. We hold annual leadership meetings which you'll need to attend. We might also require in-person meetings at other times of the year and there might be other various travel to events or conferences we attend.

What if I don't live in the US and am not a US citizen?
We are open to this - for the right person - and would consider a visa sponsorship if it made sense for everyone involved. Our goal with this hire is to find the best fit for our company, market, and culture. Because most of our clientele is in the US and Canada, language and cultural nuance, as well as mastery of written and verbal English, is important to us.

What benefits do you provide?
We currently offer a 3% match retirement benefit as well as health insurance. In addition, we include 20-days of paid time off per year, flexible scheduling (manage your own calendar and deliver results), and professional education funding for conferences or courses as needed.

You said "SIX-FIGURE" salary, what did you mean by that?
Based on research and current market conditions, the range for a "Marketing Director" is $65k to $105k. The seat we have designed is called "MSP Marketing Lead" which is a leadership position with strong marketing and MSP industry experience. Based on experience, skill, and match, we will make a competitive and compelling offer within the market range. We will also be discussing performance-based factors to create incentives and opportunities to go above and beyond market-rate. This excites us and hope it would excite you.

Can you tell me anything about your hiring process?
Yes! First, you need to complete our web form application below. If all you do is upload your resume and leave our questions blank (or you put in filler text), your application will be immediately trashed. So don't do that! We are open for applicant submissions for the next few weeks and hope to close our application period by mid-February. After that, we will be scoring and ranking our applicants and scheduling phone interviews with our top picks. From there we will pick a smaller group to go through a more extensive interview process with extended interviews and different team member screens. No matter what, we'll do our best to communicate with you about where you stand in the process. If all goes well, we hope to have our new MSP Marketing Lead onboarding and working sometime during the month of March.

And you if you read all that and are ready to take the next step.

Let's talk!

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