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Were You Born to Deliver Overwhelming Lead Generation Results?

Are You Looking for Your Next Career Move?

Do you love...

  • Working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses?

  • Implementing digital marketing and lead generation strategies that drive new customers?

  • Managing campaigns from idea to launch?

  • Strategizing one-on-one with motivated MSP owners?

  • Enabling team members to be their best at executing marketing and lead generation tactics?

  • Working with a team of A-players?

  • Leading through strategic thinking and committed execution?

Then read on...

Chances are... if you join our team... then you'll be helping more entrepreneurs like the MSPs below grow and scale their businesses, so they can get out of the "feast and famine" cycle.

QuestingHound video cover
From No Marketing to a Full Pipeline

We've partnered with QuestingHound for over three years, helping them build a complete marketing system. Now, they're facing a new problem: finding the staff to handle the demand for their services.

Able to Turn the Faucet On or Off

InsideOut Networking's lead generation system has become so systematized and predictable that we can increase or decrease the volume, depending on the current situation with their MSP.

The Most Leads They've Gotten

CyberStreams is an active MSP with many lead generation strategies - the work they've done with us has produced the most leads and allowed them to present the most proposals.

We're passionate about helping entrepreneurs build amazing businesses. If you have that same passion, you might be in the right place.

In our 6+ years in the MSP space, we've been able to hit the ground running, and build a reputation as a top MSP marketing company.

We've Been Featured in:

Tech Pro Marketing is currently hiring our next most important, critical, essential, pivotal, awesome, exciting, and influential team member.

(And our whole team agrees with that statement.)

Stop Reading Now if You Are NOT:


about blazing a new trail in the MSP MARKETING and CUSTOMER ACQUISITION space.


about crafting and implementing MSP lead generation campaigns, working closely with MSP leadership, and constantly improving.


about business growth, marketing, lead generation, and MSP customer acquisition.


who can nail every detail in a cold email campaign, craft a high-converting landing page, and write broadcast-level email copy.

You'll be collaborating with 50+ other team members in a customer-facing role, leading the marketing strategy for MSPs across North America.

Over the last 6 years, we've helped over 100 MSPs win more customers.

Our business has grown by double-digit growth each and every year. Now it's time to bring in our next A-Player to support our next cohort of MSPs.

Your Responsibilities

Get Our Customers Positive Return on Their Investment in Lead Generation
  • Ensure customer accounts are exceeding benchmarks for number of leads generated

  • Strategically adjust or apply new proven Tech Pro Marketing strategies to poor performing campaigns

Be the Key Relationship Manager for Up to 30 Customer Accounts
  • Lead up to three 45-minute onboarding calls with each new customer

  • Lead monthly 45-minute success calls with each customer

  • Handle elevated customer issues and ad-hoc meeting requests

Support Our Fulfillment Team to Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience
  • Help our account managers and account specialists deliver our program to our customers by answering questions, providing feedback, and assisting with communications

Role competencies

Leader icon
Inspiring Customers and Leading

You will be meeting with customers regularly, and leaving them inspired with a little shot of adrenaline that you can provide by identifying opportunities, developing strategy, and celebrating wins. The customers and team members you meet with will leave your Zoom sessions thinking, “Wow, I am really happy that I have (you) on my side.”

Puzzle icon
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

A lot of times, you will face issues that require a problem-solving skill set. This could be finding a workaround to an issue in our workflow caused by a software limitation, or it could be analyzing a customer's campaign and figuring out what adjustments need to be made to get better results.

Lead generation icon
Lead Generation

Our program is a lead generation program, and that is the core of what you will be in charge of fulfilling for our customers, so you’ll need to be an expert at lead generation.

Decision icon

You’ll need to make decisions on customer strategy, internal team issues, and on adjustments to our lead generation program.

Management icon

With up to 30 customers under your strategy - there won’t be a lot of time to do the actual work, so you will be relying heavily on our account specialists and account managers. You’ll need to be able to delegate and ensure tasks are being completed and communicated to the customers.

Lightbulb icon
Facing Difficult Situations

The truth is, there will be situations where we are not getting good results for a customer, and that can be stressful. You’ll need to be able to stay ahead of issues and confront difficult situations head-on.

You will have access to:

  • An A-Player fulfillment team

  • Your own VA to delegate repetitive tasks to

  • A dedicated customer success manager who will be responsible for running the programs you create; she'll "keep the trains running on time" so you can create and improve

  • Back office and support staff to handle day-to-day inquiries and business admin

  • The ear of the CEO in a weekly leadership meeting

We have over 100 customers currently enrolled in our flagship MSP Growth Engine program.
The MSP Growth Engine:
  • Is a done-for-you lead generation program

  • Focuses on helping MSPs grow their business beyond $5M

  • Implements three core elements of lead generation supplemented with coaching and training on sales and offer

  • Provides monthly review calls and quarterly strategy calls

  • Shows clear reporting on actual return on investment

And you if you read all that and are ready to take the next step ...

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