MSP marketing never ends. Here’s why that’s a good thing

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    I remember chatting with a friend of mine who also happens to be an MSP business owner, and at a certain point the conversation turned towards work. No matter how hard we try to keep things light, the topic of MSP marketing eventually rears its ugly head. At this point, we’ve learned not to fight it.

    This particular friend has always paid very close attention to their marketing analytics – she’s obsessed with the numbers in all the same ways I am. We were chatting about a few of the most important metrics that we thought were worth tracking, and one thing in particular that she told me quickly stood out.

    She said that the average number of touchpoints that her MSP has with a prospect before they become a client is 80.

    Yes, you read that right. Eighty.

    This doesn’t mean that her onboarding process is somehow “slow” or “ineffective.” Far from it. Her MSP is leading their market right now, and that is a trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

    She’s also not on the lookout for some new, “silver bullet” that can come along and cut that number in half, or somehow decrease it to ten or fewer.

    She loves the fact that it takes 80 different interactions to get someone to come down off the fence and make a purchase.

    As our conversation continued, I quickly started to love it, too.

    Consistency is the key to success

    To be clear, those 80 different touch points come in a wide range of different ways. That includes not only cold calls and emails but also newsletters, website visits, etc. If nothing else, let this serve as a necessary reminder that your marketing and sales efforts definitely do work hand-in-hand.

    But the most important idea at the heart of all this – and the factor that my friend learned to love – was the consistency of it all. If you want success with MSP marketing, you can’t give up. You need to set a plan and stick to it. Therefore, if you set a plan and stick to it, success is only a matter of time.

    What a wonderfully simple, straightforward, and empowering position to be in.

    I’ve written in the past about how your MSP marketing needs to become something of an engine – the critical asset that pushes everything you’re doing forward. That’s true, but it’s also true that even if you have the greatest marketing engine in the world, it’s always going to need more fuel to keep it running.

    So long as you’re consistent, so many of those variables – the ones that you feel like you’re fighting against, and the ones that are never-ending sources of stress – will begin to fall away one by one. Consistency can act as a north star for your business – that little speck in the sky that lets you know you’re always headed in the right direction.

    Before you know it, the right path will reveal itself. For my friend, that takes about 80 different touchpoints. For you, it could take less… or it could take more. But that’s perfectly okay, because all the hard work you’ve been doing and the insight you’ll be generating will have outlined exactly what you need to make a deep connection with your prospects in a way that nobody else can.

    At that point, the only thing left to do is act on that information. Instead of chasing trends, you’ll suddenly have access to everything you need to start creating a few of your own. 

    Yes, the work will be hard and the hours will probably be long. But as the old saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

    At a certain point, the work is all that matters

    In the end, the most important thing for you to understand is also the most straightforward. Your job as an MSP marketer is not something you “do once and forget about.” It never “ends” in the strictest sense of the term. It’s an ongoing, fluid process that changes at a breakneck pace. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something is absolutely going to come along to change your worldview… sending you right back to the beginning in the process.

    And that’s not just a good thing. It’s a great one.

    Because every time a new trend or a younger generation of buyers forces you to rethink everything, you’re really looking at an opportunity to empower your own efforts and make them even more effective. If the rules of MSP marketing were set in stone, at a certain point you’d naturally start to hit diminishing returns. Your progress would plateau and while you certainly wouldn’t be falling behind the rest of the pack, you wouldn’t be moving ahead of them, either.

    But by acknowledging that your job is never over, you’re in an incredible position to improve what you’re doing on a daily basis. This doesn’t just prevent you from spinning your wheels. It also prevents you from assuming that you’ve “done enough” or that you’re “as good as you can be.” The fact is, those two things will NEVER be true.

    And if you want to continue to innovate, and challenge people’s expectations with your business, and break down barriers, you can’t afford for them to be true, either.

    The never-ending journey requires the right partner by your side

    If you’re ready to embrace the fact that your MSP marketing efforts will never end, that’s terrific – I’m ready for it, too. To get more insight into how to take your own campaigns to the next level, feel free to contact us at Tech Pro Marketing for your one-on-one strategy session. This will give us a chance to get to know each other a little better and make sure that we’re the right fit, all so that we can get ready to embark on this crucial journey together.

    Nate Freedman

    Nate Freedman is the CEO of Tech Pro Marketing and Ulistic, the only MSP marketing group with 12+ years of experience helping MSPs generate over 20,000 high quality leads, with over 150 5-star Google Reviews to back it up. Connect with me on LinkedIn.